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At Deland Aviation we take flight simulation seriously

Instrument Training in Sunny Florida!

Whether you want to earn your instrument flight rating, take an instrument refresher course or improve your IFR skills and proficiency, Avia's initial and recurrent IFR programs deliver our value promise - IFR Training for the Real World. 

Regardless of your experience level, our seasoned instructors, advanced flight training devices, scenario based instruction and focus on GPS technology will make you a safer, more confident instrument pilot.
All delivered from our beautiful Deland Florida location.

The Best IFR Training in Florida

Instrument training is serious business. While many schools offer initial and recurrent courses designed to prepare you for a checkride, Avia is dedicated exclusively to providing you with the very best IFR training possible. Our extraordinary commitment to your success begins with a highly-qualified instructional staff that shares their real world experiences for a more practical approach to training. When you choose to train with Avia, you can expect to fly with mature, knowledgeable instructors focused on YOU.

Instrument training requires the use of sophisticated simulators, in addition to well-equipped aircraft. Each of Avia's courses incorporates the use of highly realistic Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs) that deliver an unparalleled educational experience. 

Today's general aviation cockpits offer technologies that rival that of modern airliners. While professional pilots undergo comprehensive initial and recurrent training on their equipment, general aviation pilots are often inadequately trained in the functionality of advanced navigation systems. At Avia, the use of GPS and glass cockpit functionality is integrated into each curriculum to help you become a safer, more confident and more proficient instrument pilot.

Precision Flight Control Simulator




Why IFR Training Simulators?

The benefits of IFR training simulators have long been recognized by the airlines, a fact which helps account for their incomparable safety record.

Simulators provide a safe environment within which pilots can practice and explore without threat. Simulator training fosters critical thinking skills by allowing pilots to implement decisions in real time without the constraints of training in the airplane (weather, ATC, airspace, etc).

IFR training simulators are an incredibly cost-effective solution that offer far greater value than training in an aircraft alone. Because instruction takes place in a controlled setting, the instructor and student are free to focus on lesson objectives without external interference. Instructors can carefully regulate task loading to ensure students have an appropriate level of workload during each phase of the learning process.

Should a pilot need assistance with a particular task or procedure, the simulator affords the pilot the ability to quickly and easily repeat items until proficient. The option to pause the simulator and discuss key training points makes the simulator a powerful and effective training tool.

Simulators open up a world of opportunities by allowing pilots to fly outside their hometown and deal with new and unique challenges. Pilots can broaden the scope and depth of their knowledge by engaging in scenarios that incorporate unusual weather, terrain, procedures and emergencies.

Today's advanced training devices are marvels of technology that recreate the flying experience with unprecedented realism. Coupled with an experienced instructor and an innovative curriculum, simulator training brings a new level of safety, competence and peace of mind to the pilot.

Call us today to learn more about how you can benefit from Avia's quality IFR training simulation programs.

Why Train with Avia?

Advanced Simulation

Our Garmin ® GNS430-equipped simulator features a 21 foot wrap-around projected visual system for the most realistic training experience possible. Train like the pros while confronting realistic challenges that only simulator-based training can offer.

Glass Cockpit Aircraft

Glass cockpit AND traditional panel training give you expertise in both layouts for the greatest value. Aircraft and simulators are equipped with video recorders that allow for review and self reflection.

GPS Training

Develop GPS knowledge and proficiency using the Garmin GNS430 global navigation system. Integrated GPS training begins on Lesson 1 and continues throughout the program.

Seasoned Instructors

Learn real-world operational techniques from our dedicated and experienced instructors. Train with confidence knowing that your instructor-pilot has "been there and done that."

Incomparable "Real World" Curriculum

Make your instrument training a journey. After mastering fundamental skills in the simulator, take-off
in the airplane on extended cross-country trips that test
and solidify your instrument skills in the actual IFR 


  • Controlled Environment

  • Enhanced Learning

  • Targeted Training

  • Cost Effective

  • Efficient

  • Train Anytime

  • No Aircraft Wear 
    & Tear

  • Safe





Real World IFR Simulator Training

Our training philosophy is a simple one. Train the way you fly; fly the way you train. Avia's unique approach to IFR simulator training goes far beyond traditional maneuvers-based training and incorporates carefully crafted scenario-based activities that follow a typical flight profile requiring the pilot to utilize skills, knowledge and experience to effectively and proficiently effect the outcome. By delivering lessons in a real world context, pilots not only get to practice physical skills, but also gain the opportunity to refine their aeronautical decision-making and judgment.

There is a great deal more to instrument proficiency than flying a good approach. Yet, most IFR training focuses only on technical skills that are assessed out of context. Each of our courses incorporates scenarios that cover all the elements of a complete IFR flight, from preflight weather brief through touchdown. Scenarios are conducted in real time and challenge the pilot with realistic situations an distractions. Most importantly, because each session is designed with multiple outcomes, it is the pilot's judgment and decision-making that ultimately determine the conclusion...just like in the airplane.

The airlines have relied on similar Line Oriented Simulator (LOS) training for years to better equip their pilots with the skills and discipline necessary for safe flight operations. To learn more about this exciting and highly effective method of training, and its application to general aviation, visit the FAA online at www.faa.gov and search on keyword "FITS."

State-of-the-Art Flight Training Devices (Garmin 430 Equipped)

Quality simulation training demands quality training devices. Avia's fully enclosed advanced aviation training devices (AATDs) are faithful airplane reproductions that deliver an incredibly realistic training experience. While our AATDs are approved to Level 3 FTD equivalency by the Federal Aviation Administration, we go well beyond the minimum certification requirements.

Each Garmin 430-equipped simulator utilizes a multi-screen, cinematic-style visual projection system that generates a wide field of view for unsurpassed fidelity and sense of motion. Just about any environmental condition can be rendered with lifelike quality, including day and night operations in virtually all types of weather.

The visual display incorporates worldwide satellite imagery to produce beautifully textured scenes that are geographically accurate. A global navigational database allows pilots to practice published procedures at almost any location on Earth.

Because our devices are reconfigurable, chances are you can train in the make and model you fly. Accurate aircraft performance data and flight modeling are available for a variety of popular singles and twins, and the instrument panel can be arranged in a layout familiar to you through the use of custom bezels and throttle quadrants. Plus, our on-board video camera captures the entire training session for later debrief and self review.

Accomplished Instrument Flight Instructors Make Flight Training a Pleasure

Avia's instructors are in a class of their own. Each of our talented FAA-certified instructors is a seasoned pilot who possesses a genuine passion for aviation and an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality instruction. They are dedicated professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training environment. The result is a balanced training curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Each of our instructors is selected based on their experience, knowledge, customer service skills and teaching ability. Once hired, instructors must complete an extensive initial indoctrination course to ensure uniformity, standardization and intimate familiarity with the concepts and principles of scenario-based training. In addition, each instructor is required to participate in annual recurrent training to make certain that they are employing the latest instructional techniques and are keeping current with industry knowledge.

In addition to being aviation experts, our team is intensely focused on providing the very best customer care possible. We want you to be completely satisfied with your training experience, and have taken extraordinary measures to ensure we meet your highest expectations.


Instrument Training Cost and Value

Your training is an investment. And like every investment, you seek the greatest return. No other training facility, including the "big name" centers, offers you Avia's unique combination of quality, customer service and price.

At Avia, we recognize that customer oriented training begins with the customer. Don't expect a generic "one-size-fits-all" curriculum. Instead, our personalized approach to training addresses the individual needs and requirements of each pilot to ensure that every session is relevant and meaningful.

Prior to arriving at our facility, each customer participates in a personal interview that helps us to prepare the most suitable and effective training program possible.

Our modern facilities, experienced instructors, new generation training devices and scenario-based curriculum give our customers the edge over the competition. By creating training solutions that serve our individual customers, Avia provides an exceptional level of quality and value.

Try us and decide for yourself. We think you'll agree that when it comes to professional simulator-based training for the general and business aviation community, Avia is the clear choice.

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